Who We Are

The Good Fight is a boxing club  located in the heart of Durango, Colorado. We are professional and recreational fighters, each with our own unique story. Each of us has experienced personal and professional transformation through the vehicle known as the Sweet Science, boxing! We are passionately dedicated to sharing our love of the craft with people in our community, and, in doing so, empowering each individual to fight and conquer his or her personal obstacles. We are a strong and compassionate team which is uniquely qualified to serve people fighting neuromuscular disease, mental health battles, and those of us just rolling with the punches of the life!

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Our Mission


The Good Fight is committed to empower people in our community, through the Sweet Science of BOXING,  to fight and conquer personal obstacles and achieve a better quality of life.

Our Vision & Values


We strive to awaken the resilient spirit of every human who desires to fight the good fight.


Righteousness, Godliness, Faith, Love, Endurance, Gentleness


  • We believe fundamental boxing training offers unique and exceptional physical and mental health benefits for people fighting neuromuscular disease, and other battles.


  • We believe in the power of community--that we achieve more by supporting others with common struggles.


  • We believe we are not defined by our age, weaknesses, or a diagnosis. Rather, we are more than conquerors.​

Our Leaders


Katy Kopec, MS, CCC-SLP

Owner, Founder, Trainer


Katy “KO” Kopec is a speech-language pathologist with over 20  years of experience and a special affinity for treating patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. An avid recreational boxer, Katy realized the benefits boxing could offer her patients.


As Katy’s love for the Sweet Science of Boxing deepened, she founded Right Cross Fight Club, a successful boxing program in Lubbock, Texas, which continues to change lives of people fighting Parkinson's disease, and other movement disorders. Witnessing the transformation of the lives of her beloved Fight Club members, as well as her own personal transformation, boxing became more than a past time for Katy. Rather, sharing the Sweet Science is a passion and the ideal vehicle for Katy to serve and empower others in this fight through life.


Katy and her two children have embraced their home of Durango, Colorado. Waking each day with overwhelming gratitude in a community which embodies so much goodness, yet is also so filled with need, Katy looks forward to serving Durango for years to come.

Miguel "El Coyote" Gallegos


Miguel “El Coyote” Gallegos is a born-and-raised Durango native and DHS graduate who hails from a proud fighting family. Miguel is an active professional boxer with an impressive 7-1-1 record, including one win via KO. Before his pro career, Miguel was an avid local multi-sport participant. Ever the competitor, you can find Miguel on the baseball field when he is not in the boxing gym. More than a fighter, Miguel is a dedicated coach and student of the Sweet Science. Miguel enjoys breaking down film and dissecting strategy to expand his skill and coaching tool kit. Miguel’s influences include in the great fighters, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Julio Caesar Chavez. Miguel believes we are all connected by common threads. This “Me-We” attitude is only one of the reasons The Good Fight is so proud to welcome Miguel to our fighting family. His passion for boxing is evident in the way he coaches fighters both young and experienced. Don’t take our word for it… come find out for yourself! Or as Miguel would say, “Don’t talk about it, BE about it.” 

Jeri Sitzes

Program Consultant, Guest Coach


Jeri “Fists of Fury” Sitzes is and will always be a student of the “sweet science”. With 16 years of training, teaching and fight experience she has accumulated more than 50 professional bouts, earning her 4 titles and currently looking for a 5th.

Jeri has fought under Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA rules, winning a title for each discipline. Her travels for training and competition brought her all the over the United States as well as Thailand, Canada, Japan, China and Newfoundland. Highlights of Jeri’s professional career thus far include earning the title of WBC MUAY THAI CHAMP and becoming the first NABF (Boxing) FEMALE Champion at the Hollywood palladium, earning high praise from Laila Ali.


Born and raised in Se Missouri by a single mother, Jeri’s passion for the disciplines ignited as a child while watching martial arts and Rocky movies with her siblings, often re-enacting key fight scenes outside. At age 14 Jeri’s mother enrolled them in a structured Tae Kwon Do class and the shoe just fit, earning her black belt 5 years later. In 2002 she made the move to Springfield Mo and began her professional career.

Jeri wishes to continue her education by competing, teaching and training with others. The only thing that can outmatch the passion and tenacity from fighting is by sharing her strength and compassion for others to help attain their short or long term personal goals.

Matt Young

Trainer, Program Consultant


Matt began his training as a teenager at the Durango Sports Club in 2004. There he began learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, and MMA under the instruction of the most talented martial artists in the area. Matt quickly became very passionate about the martial arts, and when Durango Martial Arts Academy (DMAA) opened in 2006, Matt immediately began training at southwest Colorado’s first Jiu Jitsu and MMA School.  In October of 2016, Matt was awarded his BJJ Black belt, culminating a journey of over 12 years.

Currently Matt is both the General Manager of the DMAA and Head Kids Instructor, now with a decade of teaching experience. Many of his students have placed or won  jiu-jitsu tournaments and competitions. Matt also teaches courses at Animas High School and The Juniper School. Matt is an active competitor himself. He has competed in more than twenty jiu-jitsu tournaments, rarely placing lower than third and often competing above his weight class. However, if you have the opportunity to watch Matt with his young students, adult clients, or cornering professional fighters, it is easy to recognize that he has been gifted with the heart of a true coach. Matt is a dedicated and selfless instructor, always striving to inspire his students to recognize their strengths and gain the skills necessary to overcome their struggles. Thanks to Matt’s steady, patient leadership, many of Durango’s kids and teens have found focus, confidence, and strength both on and off the mat.

Kevin Wirth

Guest Coach


Kevin “Mr. Nice Guy” Wirth, Founder and Owner of Durango’s own Wirthwhile Fitness, is a friendly, fun-loving, and compassionate coach who knows how to meet clients where they are in order to achieve the goals they desire.

Kevin is a certified Fitness Coach through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), though his background and understanding of movement culture goes beyond his formal academic training. Kevin spent two seasons competing in semi-professional snowboarding events. Additionally, he is a gymnastic and strength-training enthusiast. For the past 12 years, Kevin has practiced Mixed Martial Arts, including Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, and Kung Fu. 


Kevin has resided in the Bayfield-Durango area since moving with his family from Bern, Switzerland, at the age of 6. Kevin currently lives in San Diego where he fights professionally. Kevin cites the legendary Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee as personal and professional influences. 

Terry Washington

Program Consultant, Guest Coach

Terry  is a professional trainer with over 25 years of boxing experience. Terry grew up in Los Angeles, CA. He began learning his craft at the age of 15, boxing at LA’s Broadway Gym. Terry fought and competed as an amateur for several years, but his interest turned toward coaching, training, and being a student of the game.


Terry started out as a boxing coach at the Santa Clarita Community Center in Santa Clarita, CA. Terry trained an elite list of young men and women--from kids who fought and won Golden Gloves championships and other national titles, to champion professional fighters. In the course of his career, Terry has worked with/learned from two of the all-time greatest professional boxing trainers and legends, Eddie Futch and Bill Slayton.


Terry returned to Texas as part of the Texas Tech University Football Program for head coach Mike Leach. Coach Leach and Strength and Conditioning Coach Bennie Wylie recognized Terry’s skill as a trainer and the benefit of boxing-inspired training in  improving players’ technique, hand speed, balance, footwork, and power. Terry has trained Professional Fighters and Athletes from many walks of life. His coaching style encourages athletes of all abilities to fight like a pro!

Steve Hanna

Professional Fighter, Trainer

Steve Hanna has been studying martial arts for over 10 years, and has amassed a wealth of knowledge in that time. Steve started his martial arts journey in Durango, CO under the tutelage of Chris Jones. He continued his studies in Albuquerque, NM under the tutelage of Tom Vaughn, Arlene Sanchez, and Jon Judy. Over the course of his career, Steve has earned a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and has developed a deep understanding of the striking arts such as boxing and Muay Thai. Steve actively competes as a professional in mixed martial arts, holding an impressive 11-–4 record, including 5 victories by KO and 6 via submission. Steve is passionate about martial arts and enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping others grow.