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Testimonials from Our Fighters

"With a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease several years ago, I was told to stay active. I was trying to follow that advice, but I wasn't sure what that really meant. I was a bit lost, and my confidence was not great. The Good Fight focuses on strengths, not weaknesses. Katy showed me just how strong I can be. She knew just how hard to push me to be my best, while making class super fun. The boxing helped my coordination, strength, cardio, and flexibility. I started seeing some unexpected benefits as well. For 24 hours after class, I notice my tremor is much decreased. Also, working with other boxers facing similar issues makes for a wonderful support group. I am stronger than before my Parkinson's diagnosis. I am not afraid to try new things, My network of friends has grown. My sleep and appetite has improved. I am happier and less anxious. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to train at The Good Fight!"     

~Ruth "Ruthless" McKee

"Having long known that boxing training is one of the most effective conditioning programs for people of any age, I was fortunate to find Katy Kopec to be my personal boxing trainer.  With her experience and knowledge of the boxing skills combined with an amazing talent for teaching the punches, the moves, the defenses, and the logic behind them, I have vastly expanded my strength, stamina, balance and overall well being.  Our workouts are professionally planned and tough but every one is just plain fun. I look forward to every session and regard each one as game day and use other days in preparation for it.  Staying fit with Katy is an experience both pleasurable and rewarding.  I suggest you join The Good Fight one-on-one or in one of her classes. You will be starting a new life."

~George "La Maquina"

"I started Punch Therapy classes with The Good Fight about a year and a half ago.  I never had considered doing anything like this in my life, but now I had a ‘special’ incentive.  Much research indicates that boxing is very beneficial to those with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.  I can wholeheartedly state that this experience is contributing to increased strength and vitality.  It has helped me feel more confident and hopeful.  It’s hard work and, at the same time, pure fun.  The encouragement I receive from my instructors and classmates is invaluable.  I recommend this class to everyone!"              ~Dyan "Ali"                              

"It's amazing! I feel like I can whip-up on the World!"                      ~Richard "Rippin'Ricardo"

"It was totally changed my life. I have total strength, total power, and we are gonna FIGHT Parkinson's, cause that's what we do here, FIGHT!"                               ~"Dangerous Debbie"

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